GB3GV is a DATV (Digital Amateur TV) repeater operated by Leicestershire Repeater Group 

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gv testcard

Digital Transmit
Digital & Analogue RX
Alternative RX
Narrowband RX (off air)
Operational since
Alford slot on Tx and Rx. 
Nigel M1NAS
26th February 1984
4 M/S 1/2 FEC
4 M/S 1/2 FEC
2 M/S 1/2 FEC
333 K/S 7/8 FEC


Watch direct live stream below (should be lower latency than batc stream):

Watch GB3GV live on the web, via

Talkback on 144.750, if busy we may switch to 144.525 so worth trying.

GV sleeps between 22:00 and 10:00 and wakes up when valid video on input during this time, then back to sleep after QSO


Although the repeater has since been converted to DVB-S (digital) operation, the following article provides an interesting insight into the design of an ATV repeater.

How it works - inside story by David G8OBP